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Kwame (aka Darkmythst) is Ghanaian-born, California-based,  creates in the themes of Afro/African-futurism, fantasy, cosmic and cyberpunk.


He fuses the art of cosmic and natural beauty, with the  Afro experience through fiction, mythology and heritage art from his personal perspective.

DarkMythst - Greatappeagyei.png


  • Environment and 3d sculpting artist

  • Traditional acrylic/oil painting

  • Music composition and beatmaking

  • Visual effects

  • Photography

  • UAV drone pilot

  • Fashion Wearables

  • Merch Designer

Professional Career

His professional career started as a stereoscopic and VFX artist on Hollywood Blockbuster films such as The Avengers , Guardians of the Galaxy, SpongeBob, and more see IMDB.


After crediting 18 films, he moved on to be Media and Creative Director in the Medical industry, lending his knowledge and leadership on creating one of HealthCare's largest medical education visuals in its industry.


Afri'Ko Made is born

In the summer of 2020, during the start of the pandemic, DarkMythst created Afri'Ko Made, what he calls, "AfroLuxurious collection to feed your inner royalty" 


His art representing a craftsmanship and design of elegant Afrocentric art and sculpts. 


Enter Cyrptoart

In 2021, he entered the crypto art blockchain after learning about the technology and how it paired with the future of cryptocurrency.


He co-founded African NFT community with Vintage Mozart, a club that caters to a community with a social presence of more than 20k followers composed of Africans, descendants and the diaspora. The community has been awarded 2022s NFT Honoree top 100 in community building.

DarkMythst on the Rise

At the start of 2022, DarkMythst, joined the TIME (TIMEPieces artists) family by invitation of both TIME President, Keith Grossman and Artist Corey Van Lew. His art landed in the hands of ex-CEO Joh Legere after a lengthy bid selling for $7k in ETH. (Show image)


He would go on to collaborate with Carlos Santana, lead singer Andy Vargas and blockchains first Finger Drummer, God Cloud.

 and at the same time, left the medical industry to pursue his passion for gaming in the gaming industry. He joined Irreverant Labs, as environment and 3D generalist , creating the artistic foundation for web3 first Mechafight Club.

TIMEPieces DarkMythst

DarkMythst Joins Timbaland's Beatclub

April 2022, DarkMythst entered Timbaland's beat-making contest, winning the People's choice after creating and entering his beat just 2 hours before the competition closed, proving he was ready to enter the music side of his passion.


He is currently a Beatclub VIP Producer, creating music with goals to conquer another one of his dreams of fingerprinting his legacy in music. 

His work is making international rounds and has been featured in galleries around the world, including Korea, Vancouver,  London, and through TIMEPieces , displayed in NYC TIME Square.


Blockchain collectors can collect DarkMythsts cryptoart on a variety of platforms and fans of his work can purchase physical art on his Afri'Ko Made page.

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